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New First Presidency February 5, 2008

While we all could see it coming that President Thomas S. Monson would assume President Hinckley’s responsibilities as 16th Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the fact that Elder Uchdorf was called as his Second Counselor was out of left field!

New First Presidency

I must say, in recent years it has been wonderful to see the Quorum of the Seventy include much more diversity than ever before with members from all over the globe. It’s exciting to see Elder Uchdorf, originally from Germany, the first ever member of the First Presidency not from North America (I stand corrected — John Taylor was born in England, not Canada as I had previously thought). Nonetheless, it is certainly becoming a worldwide church.


One Response to “New First Presidency”

  1. oldfashionedgirl07 Says:

    I used to think that there had never been anyone in the First Presidency that had not been born in North America…but then someone asked me….What about John Taylor? He was born in England.

    And so he was. And he was the 3rd President of the Church.

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